The search strategies in unilateral spatial neglect Makoto Suzuki 1 , Kazu Amimoto 2 , Mikayo Teramoto 1 , Mihoko Iwasa 1 , Fumiko Mouri 1 1Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, St. Marianna University School of Medicine Hospital 2Tokyo Metropolitan University of Health Science Keyword: 高次脳機能障害 , 半側空間無視 , 視覚的探索 , Higher cortical dysfunction , Unilateral spatial neglect , Visual searching pp.338-343
Published Date 2001/8/15
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 The search strategies in patients with unilateral spatial neglect have been investigated with the distribution of hits and error. But, the movement of attention and visual scanning that are based on a condition to accomplish the purpose are significant in activities of daily living. Therefore, in order to clarify search patterns in patients with unilateral spatial neglect, we investigated the search strategies of cancellations performed by 15 patients with right-sided cerebro-vascular lesion, 16 patients with left-sided, 20 with nocerebro-vascular lesions. The cancellation of patients with left unilateral spatial neglect appeared on the right edge of the form, and moved in a vertical direction. The strategies of others were various. We thought that stereotypic search patterns of unilateral spatial neglect arose from the predominance of attention on the right hemisphere, difficulties in disengaging of attention from ipsilesional, activating disposal of visual information.

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