Exercises in gradual visual attention and wheelchair driving skill for patients with unilateral spatial neglect: A case report Yoko Yokoyama 1,2 , Sayaka Okahashi 3 , Masahiro Ogawa 3 , Toshiko Futaki 3 1Department of Rehabilitation, Midorigaoka Hospital 2Student at Department of Human Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University 3Department of Human Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University Keyword: 脳卒中 , 半側空間無視 , 車椅子 , (視覚性注意) , Stroke , Unilateral spatial neglect , Wheelchair , Visual attention pp.630-638
Published Date 2016/12/15
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 Stroke patients who develop severe hemiplegia and unilateral spatial neglect (USN) due to extensive right hemisphere damage need to be able to safely operate a wheelchair by themselves. However, this can be difficult. In this report, we devised “visual attention exercises (VAE)”, which were composed of leftward search tasks, reading tasks, and right-left alternating tasks, and “wheelchair driving skill exercises (WDSE)”, which were specifically designed for patients with USN. The two sets of exercises were initially performed separately, but were subsequently combined after the subject was able to complete each exercise. As a result, a patient with severe USN was able to safely operate a wheelchair independently. We describe the use of these gradual VAE and WDSE programs and occupational therapy progress in a typical case of severe USN.

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