Abnormal eye movement patterns on a 2-point alternate fixation task and a routes finding task in unilateral spatial neglect Minako Sano 1 , Toshiko Futaki 2 , Reiko Kobashi 3 , Kumiko Teranishi 3 1Ishikawaken Saiseikai Kanazawa Hospital 2School of Health Science,Faculty of Medicine,Kanazawa University 3Kanazawa Neurosurgical Hospital Keyword: 半側空間無視 , 眼球運動 , 注視 , Unilateral spatial neglect , Eye movement , Fixation pp.322-333
Published Date 2006/8/15
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 The purpose of this study was to investigate characteristics of eye-fixation patterns and abnormal eye-movement patterns of unilateral spatial neglect patients during the visual tasks presented on video display. Subjects were 30 individuals including 10 stroke patients with USN, 10 stroke patients with right-hemiplegia, and 10 healthy controls. Tracking of eye movement on tasks, which were a 2-point alternate fixation task and a routes finding task, was recorded by the eye camera, and vision angle and fixation period were analyzed by computer software (Takei, TKK2920). In the 2-point alternate fixation task, USN eye-fixation patterns deviated from horizontal midline to upper left. The right fixation period was longer than the left when distance between 2 target points was short. In the routes finding task, the vision angle pattern of USN showed insufficiency of leftward exploring. This right deviation, more so than other abnormal patterns, might have a strong effect on the activities of daily living.

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