Rethinking the clinical significance of the Catherine Bergego Scale in the assessment of unilateral neglect: Correlating unilateral neglect in behavioral assessment and neuropsychological tests Kenta Takeuchi 1 , Takashi Takebayashi 2 , Shinichi Shimada 3 1Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Itami Kousei Neurosurgical Hospital 2Department of Occupational Therapy, School of Health Science and Social Welfare, Kibi International University 3Department of Neurosurgery, Itami Kousei Neurosurgical Hospital Keyword: 半側空間無視 , ADL , 行動評価 , 脳卒中 , 右半球損傷 , Unilateral spatial neglect , Activities of daily living , Behavioral assessment , Stroke , Right hemisphere pp.48-56
Published Date 2018/2/15
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 The objective of this retrospective study was to rethink the clinical significance of the Catherine Bergego Scale (CBS), to correlate behavioral assessments and a neuropsychological test battery consisting of paper-and-pencil tests of unilateral neglect (UN), and to determine the factors that contribute to the discrepancy between the two UN tests in right-hemisphere stroke patients. We assessed 44 right-hemisphere stroke patients with unilateral neglect; the Catherine Bergego Scale (CBS) and neuropsychological tests battery consisting of 5 paper-and-pencil tests were used to evaluate neglect in spontaneous behavior in natural daily activities. As a result, 29.5% of patients presented discrepancies of UN between behavioral assessments and paper-and-pencil tests. The UN discrepancy patients showed personal and extra-personal neglect, semi-independent distinct regions of space, and compensatory ability to overcome UN by cognitive function. These were factors that contributed to a discrepancy of UN between behavioral assessments and paper-and-pencil tests. In conclusion, we propose that clinicians use not only paper-and-pencil tests but also behavioral assessments in natural daily activities by using CBS in the assessment of UN patients.

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