Effect of "xylophone therapy" for a patient of unilateral spatial neglect Shinichi Noto 1 , Fumiko Mouri 1 , Kazu Amimoto 1 , Satoshi Sugimoto 1 , Toshiko Futaki 2 1Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Saint Marianna University Hospital 2Department of Occupational Therapy, Showa University College of Medical Sciences Keyword: 半側空間無視 , 作業療法 , 音楽 , unilateral spatial neglect , occupational therapy , music pp.126-133
Published Date 1999/4/15
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 We examined the effects of limb activation using a xylophone in the case of unilateral spatial neglect. The case was a 49-years-old, right-handed woman who suffered cerebral infarction, and exhibited manifest left unilateral spatial neglect. In this study, the xylophone was reversly placed to ascend the keys from right to left. Significant improvement of unilateral spatial neglect was observed in the intervention phase compared with the baseline. These results suggest that unilateral spatial neglect could be reduced by arousing the right hemisphere relating to the motor intention in exploring the musical scale from right to left, and music as the stimulus of tone and rhythm.

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