Japanese Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research Volume 9, Issue 2 (July 2012)

The relationship between the motor function of speech components and the serum albumin level in patients with dysarthria caused by cerebrovascular accident Yasuji Furudate 1 , Yuto Suzuki 1 , Takeshi Nakayama 2,3 1Department of Rehabilitation, Toya Onsen Hospital 2Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Kyorin University Hospital 3Department of Speech-Language and Hearing Pathology, Japan Welfare Educational College Keyword: ディサースリア , 発声発語器官 , アルブミン , 栄養 , dysarthria , speech components , serum albumin , nutrition pp.59-64
Published Date 2012/7/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.6001100321
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 The purpose of this study was to examine dysarthria patients and look for any relationship between patients' motor function of speech components, measured using the Assessments of Motor Speech for Dysarthria(AMSD), and patients' nutritional status, as indicated by their serum albumin level. Twenty individuals with dysarthria caused by cerebrovascular accidents were divided into two groups: one with serum albumin level ≥ 3.5g/dl(n=10) and the other with serum albumin level<3.5g/dl group(n=10). The two groups were compared for a total of 9 items using Mann-Whitney's U test: 6 AMSD items including respiratory function, phonation, velopharyngeal closure, oral articulation(range of movement, diadochokinetic rate, and muscle strength) and 3 items of auditory evaluation of speech, namely speech intelligibility, speech naturalness, and reduced loudness levels. The results showed that the scores were significantly lower in the group with low serum albumin levels, with regard to respiration, phonation, muscle strength of oral articulation, and reduced loudness levels. These data suggest that malnutrition in individuals with dysarthria caused by cerebrovascular accidents adversely affects the motor function of speech components, which manifests itself most obviously as reduced loudness in speech.

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