KANGO-KENKYU Volume 31, Issue 5 (October 1998)

The TUDUMI Model of Clinical Nursing Practice Program for the Undergraduate in Adult Nursing:Combining Active Learning Theory and the Clinical Practice Model of Caring Yoko Nonami 1 , Yukino Ashikaga 1 , Hideshi Nawa 2 , Kunie Toyota 3 , Yukiko lioka 1 1College of Nursing Art and Science, Hyogo 2St. Luke's College of Nursing 3Kochi Women's University Keyword: Caring , Active learning , Adult nursing , Practice program , Clinical nursing , TUDUMI Model pp.378-384
Published Date 1998/10/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1681900468
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We developed the TUDUMI Model of ClinicalPractice Program for our undergraduate stu-dents learning adult nursing. The TUDUMIModel combines Active Learning Theory withthe Clinical Nursing Practice Model of Caring.We utilized the four elements of Active LearningTheory; talking and listening, reading, writ-ing, and reflecting, and five elements were iden-tified in the Clinical Nursing Practice Model ofCaring; nurse stands in front of patient as indi-vidual being, is concerned about patient, makesstatement about one's nursing care, sharesone's experiences among nurse group, and givesand receives care between patient and oneself.

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