Fumiko Yasukata 1 , Miyako Oike 2 , Megumi Azuma 3 , Miho Ohta 4 , Patient Education Research Group 1Department of Nursing,Faculty of Nursing,Fukuoka Prefectural University 2School of Health Sciences,Faculty of Medicine,Kyushu University 3Nursing Supervisor,Department of Nursing,Higashi Saitama City Hospital 4Master's Course,Graduate School of Nursing,the Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing Keyword: 患者教育 , 看護職者 , Professional Learning Climate , 行動変容 , 看護実践モデル pp.225-236
Published Date 2003/6/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1681100196

 This article gives a descriptive account of 10 elements of Professional Learning Climate(PLC)as defined below and verifies the appropriateness of each element to patient education.

 We examined case examples of patient education which included instances of both successful and unsuccessful patient behavioral modification,and we concluded a lack of certain attitude towards patients as a problem for nurses as health care professionals engaged in patient education.

 We designated such attitude as “Professional Learning Climate(PLC)” and defined it as follows : PLC is a manner or attitude that a professional possesses. It is supported by professional knowledge and experience and has contributing influence on effective patient education. We extracted the following 10 elements of PLC from the data: “show concern”,“respect”,“believe”,“be modest” “create a relaxing ambiance”,“be willing to listen”,“share personal feelings and thoughts with the patient”,“show an attitude of moving ahead together”,“show enthusiasm”,and “be humorous and witty”. This kind of attitude that professionals possess stems from experiential knowledge developed through practice in an environment conducive to reflective thinking.

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