“Living Individual” as Perceived from the Nursing Viewpoint:Key to Understand the Subject and to Modify Their Behavior Hiroko Shimomura 1 , Teruko Kawaguchi 2 , Yuko Hayashi 3 , Fujiko Hijikata 4 , Miyako Oike 5 , Patient Education Research Group 1Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care,Keio University 2The Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing 3Faculty of Health Sciences,Okayama University Medical School 4Saiseikai Central Hospital,Tokyo 5School of Health Sciences,Faculty of Medicine,Kyushu University Keyword: 生活 , 生活者 , 患者教育 , 看護実践モデル , 事例検討 pp.199-211
Published Date 2003/6/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1681100194
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 In the Patient Education Research Group,we have attempted to develop a “Nursing Practice Model” for patient education since 1994. Through analyzing and studying the practical cases,we have identified the concept of “knowledge and skills concerning the living individual”,and defined it as follows.

 The living individual as perceived from the nursing viewpoint is a person who lives while possessing his/her own lifestyle and life principles cultivated through the individual life history of the person. Furthermore,living is defined as the very existence of a human being,and is the independent activities of each individual. There are various aspects of living,including 1)life,existence; 2)lifestyle,social activities,livelihood,standard of living; and 3)value,principles,way of living. Through interacting with the subject,nursing personnel perceives “the facts of the person's living as they are” and “what they mean to that person” from the relationship with health.

 Evidence has been collected from case analyses showing that this nursing viewpoint to perceive the “living individual” is the “key” to understand the subject and modify behavior. Further evidence gathering and examination of educational method to nursing personnel will be continued in the future.

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