Published Date 1962/9/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1492202906

 Akaike and associates made studies on comparative anatomy of nasal cavity of monkeys, cattle, hogs, dogs, rabbits, cats and fowls in comparison to that of man. Physiologicalythe nasal cavity performs a function similar to each other in each animal but according to the habitual life of each specie as well as the structural peculiarity of the skull formation among them there are differences in the physical features of the nasal cavity in each. From the size of the turbinates and the differences in the total area of the nasal mucous membrane among the species examined the authors divided these animals into three general groups : Dog and rabbit group : Man, Monkeycattle and hog group ; and cat and fowl group. The relations between the specie of animal and the suitable environment in which it lives and the way in which its body temperature adjustment is carried out and sense of smell in each are discussed. The respective sizes of the anterior nasal cavity was compared to that of posterior nasal cavity in man as well as those of other animals ; the ratio was 1 : 3.

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