Recent Advancements in Understanding Hippocampal Functions Sakura Okada 1 , Yuki Aoki 1 , Takuya Sasaki 1 , Yuji Ikegaya 1 1Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo Keyword: 神経ネットワーク , 場所細胞 , パターン情報処理 , マルチユニット記録 , neuronal network , place cell , pattern processing , multiunit recording pp.453-460
Published Date 2017/4/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1416200764
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The hippocampal formation located in the medial temporal lobe of the brain has been studied extensively for several decades, both in in vitro slice preparations and in vivo living animals. Recent advancements in large-scale recording techniques, such as multisite silicon probes and tetrodes, enable us to examine the detailed characteristics of temporal spiking patterns of tens or hundreds of neurons in the hippocampal circuit. Here, we introduce how such tools contribute to our understanding of the hippocampal network dynamics and review several hippocampal functions for information processing in the brain, including pattern separation and completion, spatial representation, and encoding of positive and negative valence.

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