Delayed Bladder Rupture after Bladder Augmentation Kazuya Honda 1 , Koji Nitta 1 , Yoshiaki Tsuruya 1 , Manabu Ito 1 , Osamu Muraki 1 , Osamu Yamaguchi 1 Keyword: 膀胱拡大術 , 膀胱破裂 , 代用膀胱 pp.595-597
Published Date 1998/7/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1413902378
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A 19-year-old female with a history of bladder neck dysfunction underwent bladder augmentation seven years ago. After the surgery, she was treated with clean intermit-tent catheterization which however was not performed regularly. Suddenly she developed abdominal pain and vomiting, and was hospitalized on emergency. As clinical diagnosis was bladder rupture and she was in septic shock, she underwent emergency operation. We suspect this rupture was caused by bladder overdistention because of irregular clean intermittent catheterization.

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