Modified Le Fort's Operation for Treatment of Vesico-vaginal Fistula in a Patient after High Anterior Resection and Ileal Bladder Augmentation Sumitaka Mitsu 1 , Osamu Muraishi 1 , Akinori Nukui 1 , Shuji Nishizawa 1 , Akihiko Tokue 1 , Michitaka Oowada 2 Keyword: 膀胱拡大術 , 膀胱腟瘻 , 腟閉鎖術 pp.863-867
Published Date 1998/10/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1413904469
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A 30-year-old woman with sigmoid colon cancer invading into the bladder underwent sigmoidectomy including the resection of the posterior bladder wall, trigone, bilateral lower ureters and uterus. Ileal augmentation cystoplasty, bilateral ureteral reimplantation into the ileal segment, andcolo-rectal anastomosis were performed asreconstruction of the urinary tract and intestine.A vesicovaginal fistula 3cm in diameter occured at the site of ileovesical anasto-mosis postoperatively.

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