Effect of High Doses Steroid Therapy for Bell's Palsy Hideaki Takahashi 1 1Department of Otorhinolayrngology, Tokai University School of Medicine pp.607-611
Published Date 1992/8/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1411902683
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A series of 56 cases of Bell's palsy in our de-partment from March 1976 to May 1991 werestudies clinicaly. Out of 56 cases, 13 were treated with high dose of steroid intravenously, 9 with oral steroid, 34 without steroids. All patients who were treated with steroid theapy, regardless of the high dose of steroid I. V. therapy or oral steroid therapy, were completely recovered. But in 34 without steroid therapy, 24 cases (73.4%) showed complete recovery.

These data indicated that steroid therapy is useful for the patients with Bell's palsy.

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