Usefulness of“Diabetic Eye Notebook”in education of the patients Norito Sugi 1 , Hiroko Yamagami 1 , Yuka Saito 1 , Ryuichiro Ohno 1 , Akihiro Kakehashi 1 , Masatoshi Kuroki 2 , San-e Ishikawa 2 , Masanobu Kawakami 2 1Dept of Ophthalmol,Jichi Med Sch,Omiya Med Center 2Dept of Integrated Med Ⅰ,Jichi Med Sch,Omiya Med Center pp.329-334
Published Date 2004/3/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410100544
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 The“Diabetic Eye Notebook”was published recently and distributed to patients with diabetes to record their diabetic retinopathy. To determine if the patients pay more attention to and obtain more knowledge of diabetic retinopathy by having the notebook,we divided patients with diabetes(62men and 42 women;average age,63.0±10.1 years)into 2groups:those who received the notebook(54 patients)and those who did not(50 patients). The patients had regularly visited the eye clinic of Omiya Medical Center,Jichi Medical School,every 2months from August 2002. Six months later,patients with the notebook scored better(9.9±1.9 out of a possible 12)compared those without(8.7±2.3). The difference was significant(p<0.05). More patients with the notebook had correct knowledge of diabetic retinopathy and their HbA1c compared with patients without the notebook. The study clearly showed the usefulness of the“Diabetic Eye Notebook.”However,the mean score was not satisfactory even among those with the notebook. Therefore,it is important to provide all patients with information about diabetic retinopathy including the relation between the duration of diabetes and the outcome of interventions such as photocoagulation and vitreous surgery.

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