Pachymeningitis with Autonomic Dysfunctions:A Case Report Hiroyuki Miura 1 , Masayuki Itoh 1 , Hideki Shimamura 1 , Takeshi Matsuoka 1 1Department of 5th Internal Medicine, Tokyo Medical University Keyword: pachymeningitis , autonomic dysfunction , multiple cranial nerve palsies pp.753-757
Published Date 2001/8/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1406901818
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A 67-year-old man temporarily complained of hear-ing loss and earache in the left side. Afterwards, hear-ing impairment in the right, phaiyngalgia, dysphagia, and ipsilateral facial weakness occured, however, otological treatments did not completely improve these symptoms except facial weakness. On admission neurological examination revealed right cranial nerve palsies (IX, X, XII), and severe orthostatic hypotension was noted one month after admission. Cerebrospinal fluid revealed pleocytosis (16/mm3), and increased protein level (91 mg/dl), but bacterial, and tuberculotic cultures were negative.

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