A Case of Argyrophilic Grain Dementia with Emotional Disorder Kenji Ikeda 1,2 , Haruhiko Akiyama 1 , Hiromi Kondo 1 , Chie Haga 1 , Takashi Koyama 2 , Yoshihiko Mizutani 2 1Division of Neuropathology, Tokyo Institute of Psychiatry 2Tokyo Metropolitan Matsuzawa Hospital Keyword: argyrophilic grain dementia , emotional disorder , cytoskeletal abnormality pp.671-676
Published Date 1994/7/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1406900662
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Autopsy of a patient with mild dementia associat-ed with an emotional disorder characterized by paroxysmal rage and excitement during the clinical course revealed massive argyrophilic grains in the subicular, entorhinal and amygdaloid regions, and to a lesser extent in other limbic areas as well. A few argyrophilic coiled bodies were also found in the subcortical white matter in the same area as the cortical argyrophilic grains. These pathological findings are consistent with a type of cytoskeletal abnormality referred to as 'argyrophilic grain dementia', which some authors describe as a new type of progressive dementia.

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