A Case of Petit Mal Status S. Taen 1 , M. Suzuki 1 , Y. Goto 1 , M. Kato 1 1Doai Memorial Hospital, Clinic of Neurology and Psychiatry pp.834-838
Published Date 1957/12/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1406200631
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A case of petit mal status is reported. The patient, a girl of 9 years of age, had suffered from typical petit mal from 5 years old, and developed suddenly petit mal lapses almost innumerably since the beginning of Dec.1956 without any proximate cause. At the same time, her consciousness got clouded and illusions and hallucinations were observed. She also complained of severe insomnia and was in confusional state. As psychotic here-dity (perhaps of manic-depressive psychosis), existed in her mother's side, she was sus-pected as such by her mother.

Typical 3 c/s wave-and-spike formation was demonstrated in her EEG. As the dione-derivatives proved ineffective in this case, we tried dehydration-therapy with Pereston-N. She reacted dramatically upon it: her consciousness cleared at first, then the petit mal lapses decreased in number and soon disappeared almost entirely. In pneumoen-cephalogram her third ventricle was markedly enlarged, whereas side-ventricles showed almost normal figure. This finding suggests the organic origin of her seizure, and we consider it to be a symptomatic type of petit mal lapse.

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