Seishin Igaku Volume 57, Issue 5 (May 2015)

Development and Validation of the Japanese Version of the Ego Dystonicity Questionnaire Tsuyoshi ARAKI 1 , Taku SATO 2 , Fumitoshi KIKUCHI 3 , Kazuhiro IKEDA 4 1Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University (IDAC), Sendai, Japan 2Faculty of Liberal Arts, Iwaki Meisei University 3Railway Technical Research Institute 4Faculty of Comprehensive Human Sciences, Shokei Gakuin University Keyword: Ego dystonicity , Intrusive thought , Thought suppression pp.353-358
Published Date 2015/5/15
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 This study aimed to develop and validate the Japanese version of the Ego Dystonicity Questionnaire, which measures egodystonic appraisal of intrusive thoughts. The participants (413 undergraduates) completed a series of questionnaires including the EDQ translated into Japanese. Results indicated that the Japanese version of the EDQ had almost the same factor structure as the original (“Inconsistency with Morals,” “Repugnance,” “Implications of Thought for Personality,” and “Irrationality”), and correlated with various coping strategies for intrusive thoughts, especially with the “punishment” strategy, which reflects thought suppression. These findings suggest that the Japanese version of the EDQ could be appropriate for measuring the degree of egodystonic appraisal of intrusive thoughts.

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