Electric Potential Difference in vivo Atsushi Chiyotani 1 , Jun Tamaoki 1 , Etsuko Tagaya 1 , Satomi Takeuchi 1 , Hisashi Takemura 1 , Atsushi Sakai 1 , Kimio Konno 1 1First Department of Medicine, Tokyo Women's Medical College Keyword: イオントランスポート , メンソール , 細胞間電位差 , ion transport , menthol , transepithelial potential difference pp.471-475
Published Date 1995/5/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404901053
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To elucidate the effect of menthol on ion transport function across the airway mucosa, we measured trans-epithelial potential difference (PD) of rabbit tracheal mucosa under open-circuit conditions in vivo. A high impedance voltmeter was used to measure PD between a fluid-filled and perfused recording bridge located on the airway surface and a reference bridge in the subcu-taneous space. Addition of menthol (10-3M) decreased PD, and this was followed by the plateau phase. The effect of menthol on PD was inhibited by pretreatment of tracheal mucosa with amiloride (10-4M), a Na chan-nel blocker. Other cyclic alcohols, including menthone and cyclohexanol, had no effect on PD. These results suggest that menthol affects Na ion transport on airway mucosa in vivo.

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