Stimulation of Ciliary Motility by β3-adrenoceptor Agonist in Rabbit Tracheal Epithelium Kiyoshi Takeyama 1 , Jun Tamaoki 1 , Atsushi Chiyotani 1 , Noritaka Sakai 1 , Toshinori Kanemura 1 , Kimio Konno 1 1First Department of Medicine, Tokyo Women's Medical College Keyword: 線毛運動 , β—アドレナジック受容体 , cyclic AMP , ciliary beat frequency , β-adrenoceptor pp.993-997
Published Date 1993/10/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404900752
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To determine whether atypical β-adrenoceptor (β3- adrenoceptor) agonist, BRL 37344, stimulates airway ciliary motility and, if so, what its mechanism of action is, we studied rabbit tracheal epithelium in vitro. Epithelial cells cultured for 7 days were mounted in the Rose chamber and ciliary beat frequency (CBF) was measured by a photoelectric method. Addition of BRL 37344 rapidly increased CBF from 15.5±0.6 to 20. 3±1.4 Hz (mean±SE, p<0.01), which remained ele-vated for at least 20 min.

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