Clinical, electrophysiological and long-term follow-up studies in patients with His bundle block Yasuhiro Endo 1 , Hiroshi Kasanuki 1 , Satoshi Ohnishi 1 , Etsuko Tanaka 1 , Shigeki Inaba 1 , Nobuhisa Magosaki 1 , Koshichiro Hirosawa 1 1Department of Internal Medicine, Heart Institute Japan, Tokyo Women's Medical College pp.43-49
Published Date 1986/1/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404204803
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In 42 patients with intra His bundle block, clini-cal, electrophysiological and long-term follow-up studies were performed and the results were compair-ed in 67 patients with infra His bundle block. Patients with intra His bundle block ranges in age from 34 to 78 years (mean ages 65 years), and 76% were females. Faintness or syncope had occurred in 83%. Hypertension was present in 21 patients (50%) and cardiomegaly as defined by a cardiothoracic ratio>0.5 in 8 patients (19%). Only 3 patients had apparent underlying heart disease. In electrophysiological data, sinus node recovery time prolonged abnormally in one patient, the A-H interval was greater than 120msec in 2 patients and the H'V interval greater than 55msec in one patient. It was considered that intra His bundle block may rarely accompany other conduction dis-turbance. 40 patients (95%) had received artificial cardiac pacemaker. In long-term follow-up 2 patients with artificial cardiac pacemaker died, one with congestive heart failure and the other with a cere-brovascular accident. One of the 2 patients without artificial cardiac pacemaker died suddenly. An arti-ficial cardiac pacemaker therapy is recommended in patient with intra His bundle block due to pre-vent further development of symptoms and sudden death.

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