A case of cardiac sarcoidosis with a large ventricutar aneurysm simutlating acute myocardial infarction Shinichiro Nishida 1 , Hirofumi Yasue 1 , Shingo Omote 1 , Akinori Takizawa 1 , Masao Nagao 1 , Hiromitsu Gen 1 , Minoru Horie 1 , Koji Chihara 2 , Tadahiro Ito 3 1Division of Cardiology, Shizuoka-City Hospital 2Dept. of Thoracic Surgery,Shizuoka-City Hospital 3Dept. of Pathotogy,Shizuoka-City Hospital pp.811-814
Published Date 1983/7/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404204271
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A 55-year-old woman was admitted to our CCU because of dyspnea and chest oppression. The chest X-ray film showed pulmonary edema. Electro-cardiograms revealed abnormal Q waves and S-T segment elevation in leads I and aVL and poor progressiver waves in leads V1-4, suggesting acute anterolateral myocardial infarction. But serial serum CPK, GOY and LDH were within normal ranges. After the improvement of pulmonary congestion, we noticed bilateral hilar lymphadeno-paty on chest X-ray films. A biopsy of mediastinal lymphnodes revealed sarcoid granuloma. There were no sarcoid lesions in the skin and eyes.

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