Immunohistochemistry : Know Hows and Pitfalls Yutaka Tsutsumi 1 1Department of Pathology, Haruhi Respiratory Medical Hospital, Kiyosu, Japan Keyword: 病理診断 , 固定 , 人工産物 , 抗原性賦活化 , 患者血清 pp.973-987
Published Date 2017/7/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403201120
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 Immunostaining is an important and essential histochemical technique for analyzing the pathogenesis and making a histopathological diagnosis. The needs of immunostaining are prompted by technical development, commercial availability of various antibodies, increased knowledge of immunohistochemical markers, accelerated analysis of morphofunctional correlations, progress in molecular target therapy, and expectation of advanced histopathological diagnosis. However, immunostaining does have various pitfalls and caveats. We should learn from mistakes and failures. The present article describes various devices and technical points to keep in mind when performing immunostaining.

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