Of the Mucosal Appearance Surrounding Polypoid Lesion of the Stomach: from the view points of x-ray diagnosis K. Oda 1,3 , T. Tsukada 1 , H. Hayakawa 1 , Y. Yoshikawa 1 , H. Shirakabe 1 , A. Yasui 2 1Department of Gastroenterology, Juntendo Uni. 2Department of Surgery, Juntendo Uni. 3Department of Pathology, Cancer Institute pp.171-177
Published Date 1975/2/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403112152
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 X-ray examination differentiates the nature of a protruded lesion by its shape, size, and face-on and lateral views.

 The smaller and lower the size and the height of the lesion become, the more difficult the differentiation with x-ray becomes, especially in the range of 10~20 mm in size.

 If we pay our attention to the appearance of the surrounding mucosa of the lesion, it may become easier to differentiate the nature of a protruded lesion, and the x-ray appearances of the surrounding mucosa have been analysed.

 This study led the author to the following conclusion:

 1) X-ray appearance of the surrounding mucosa of an early cancer Type Ⅱa within the about double length of the greatest radius from the center of the protruded lesion shows marked granurality in the most cases.

 And its marked intestinal metaplasies is histologically proved.

 2) X-ray appearances of the surrounding mucosa of an atypia are less granuler than that of Type Ⅱa case.

 In some cases, no intestinal metaplasia of the surrounding gastric mucosa was histologically defined.

 3) In most cases with hyperplastic polyp, the surrounding mucosa is radiologically smooth and proved histologically to be mucosa with on evidence of intestinal metaplasia.

 4) It is double contrast study that we can delineate the each walls of the stomach, then to delineate the appearance of the surrounding mucosa radiologically, double contrast method is better than compression study.

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