Clinical Diagnosis of Early Gastric Cancer during This Thirteen Years H. Shirakabe 1 , M. Nishizawa 2 , H. Hayakawa 1 , Y. Yoshikawa 1 , M. Kurihara 1 1Dept. of Internal Med., Juntendo University 21st. Dept. of Internal Med., Chiba University pp.295-300
Published Date 1972/3/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403109033
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 We would like to discuss about the developement of x-ray examination of early gastric cancer under the influence of endoscopic and biopsy examination.

 In 1962 Japanese classification of early gastric cancer was established. Before 1962 x-ray examination and endoscopic examination were performed independently. We had no definite idea concerning relation of both diagnostic values and indication of endoscopic examination.

 During 1963~1967, both examinations were closely combined each other and made progress in both diagnostic values. Pick up x-ray diagnosis was developed from 66.7% (before 1962) to 86.3% (after 1962) and also detailed x-ray diagnosis from 66.7% (before 1962) to 82.5% (after 1962).

 From 1969 combined method of x-ray, endoscopic and biopsy examinations had been performed clinically. By this clinical method diagnostic ability was increased to 95%.

 By x-ray examination combined with endoscopic examination it was increased in number of Ⅱa and Ⅱc. Before 1962 cases of Ⅱa and Ⅱc was occupied in about 50% in all cases of early gastric cancer cases. After 1962 percentage of detection of Ⅱa and Ⅱc was increased to 70%.

 Before 1962 we had only 3 cases of small early gastric cancer. After 1962 number of the small cases was increased to 24~30% of all early gartric cancer cases.

 Diagnosis of the cardiac region was developed from 1969. Before 1969 we had no case of early cancer. But after 1969 we had 4 cases.

 Since 1963 we have hardly worked in x-ray diagnosis of anterior wall. By routinely used x-ray, examination of anterior wall was developed by combined endoscopic examination. In the present time, we can easily detect the lesions of anterior wall using remote X-TV in routine screening.

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