A Case of Minute Ⅱc Type Early Gastric Cancer Takashi Ono 1 1The Second Internal Med., Fukushima Medical College pp.349-354
Published Date 1970/3/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403111232
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Case: a 43-year-old male Chief complaint: sensation of fullness in the epigastrium since 3 months ago Preoperative diagnosis: Ⅱc type early gastric cancer on the lesser curvature in the pyloric antrum a little toward the anterior wall Date of operation: March 16, 1969 Postoperative diagnosis: Ⅱc type early gastric cancer (the size of the depression measuring 8×8 mm with ‘m' degree of depth invasion: adenocarcinoma tubulare)  Macroscopic and histological findings are summarized as follows: 1) The size of the depression is small, measuring only 8×8 mm localized within the superficial one third of the mucosal layer, so that sulci areae gastricae are still to be recognized in the base of the depression. 2) It is not associated with ulcer (Ul), nor is fibrination remarkable.

 In short, it is a very shallow Ⅱc unaccompanied with mucosal convergence.

 The paper further discusses regarding the x-ray diagnosis of this lesion on how to find it together with the analysis of x-ray findings illustrated in this report.

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