Minute Type Ⅱa Early Carcinoma of the Stomach Report of a Case Toshio Ito 1 , Mamoru Nishizawa 1 , Kazuo Nomoto 1 , Haruo Okubo 1 , Kyo Higurashi 2 1The First Dept. of Internal Med., Chiba University 2Chiba Prefectural Taigan-Kyokai pp.359-364
Published Date 1970/3/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403111233
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 Type Ⅱa mucosal carcinoma of the stomach, measuring 9×6 mm, detected by gastric mass survey, is reported.

 Because of the wide spread of gastric mass survey in Japan, there have been increasing numbers of reports of elevated lesions, and lesions hard to discriminate whether they are of atypical epithelium or of type Ⅱa early gastric cancer are also more frequently reported.

 Regarding minute protrusions smaller than 10 mm in their size, it should be emphasized that the difference in gross appearance between atypical epithelium and type Ⅱa early cancer is so slight that the radiologic and endoscopic differential diagnosis is very clifiicult.

 As the developmental process from atypia to carcinoma has not been made clear yet, accumulation of correct information on the nature of the minute elevated lesion by means of x-ray, endoscopy and biopsy including follow-up examination shall be of great help in clarifying the process and for the differential diagnosis of this variety of early gastric cancer.

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