Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome with a Giant Villous Tumor of the Stomach-Developing Cancerous Change, Report of a Case Yasufumi Uchida 1 , Tatsuro Kisu 1 , Hisao Mori 1 , Kotaro Yamaoka 1 1Division of Gastroenterology, Department of Internal Medicine, Saga Medical School pp.559-563
Published Date 1986/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403110316
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 A 50 year-old woman was admitted to our hospital because of generalized edema and exertional dyspnea due to severe anemia(Hb 3.1g/dl). Physical examination revealed the atrophy of nails and loss of hair, but pigmentation was not seen. Hypoproteinemia was remarkable(Total Protein 3.7g/dl)and 125I-PVP test(4.6%) suggested protein-losing gastroenteropathy. The upper gastrointestinal series showed multiple small polypoid lesions in the stomach and a fist-sized tumor with soap-bubble appearance was recognized in the second part of the duodenum, but polyposis of the large intestine could not be seen. The gastroduodenofiberscopy revealed multiple polypoid lesions resembling salmon roe in the stomach and a huge villous tumor in the duodenum.

 As the specimen of the biopsy suggested malignant change, wedge resection including the villous tumor was performed. In the histological findings the excised tumor(10×8cm,160g)showed typical findings of Cronkhite-Canada(C-C)syndrome, where wide and edematous interstitium and cystically dilated glands were seen. A small part of the villous tumor revealed a cancerous change, which was diagnosed as welldifferentiated adenocarcinoma. As the typical part of C-C syndrome transferred continuously to the cancer, we inferred that it was the tubulovillous adenoma of C-C syndrome that transferred to the cancer,Only 12 cases have been reported about carcinoma which was associated with C-C syndrome. Relationship between C-C syndrome and its cancerous change has not been established yet, but we believe that there is likelihood of cancerous change in C-C syndrome.

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