Gastric Cancer in the Young: A study of 16 resected cases A. Yasui 1,2 , T. Ishibashi 2 , Y. Ichinose 1,2 , Y. Hirase 1,2 , M. Yoshida 2 1Dept. of Surgery, Koshigaya City Hospital pp.1195-1202
Published Date 1976/9/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403107436
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 The rate of gastric cancer in the young adults below the age of 30 was naturally low (16 cases,2.1 per cent) in a total of 761 gastric resection for cancer. The duration of symptoms up to the surgical correction was long-2 years and 10 months on an average. Preoperative general condition of the patients was mostly good. Macroscopically, the rate of depressed types was higher than that of protuberant varieties. Association of ulcer within cancer focus was seen in high rate. Histologically, poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma was predominant. The primary sites of cancer were equally divided in A (lowe portion) and M (middle portion). Even when cancer was in advanced stage, curative resection showed better results than in older age groups. Prognosis was accordingly better. Previous history of gastric cancer was confirmed in 26.3 per cent among the relatives of the first and second degrees.

 It is true that gastric cancer in the young under the age of 30 is comparatively rare. Its characteristics are not much different from those of other age groups. However, since the young people, believing that they are still not of ‘cancer generations', are apt to forego necessary examinations; and lest the doctors themselves should overlook cancer all too easily in the face of data obtained by the examinations the young people took the trouble to undergo, we do deem it of great importance to have periodic check-up of the stomach in the young by means such as gastric mass survey.

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