Endoscopic Toluidine Blue-iodine Method of the Esophagus M. Yoshida 1 , T. Hayashi 1 , S. Suzuki 1 , M. Endo 1 , T. Takemoto 2 1Institute of Gastroenterology, Tokyo Women's Medical College pp.359-365
Published Date 1976/3/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403107125
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 By our toluidine blue dying method, we can find small erosion, cancer or superficial infiltration of cancer as stained portion against the normal esophageal mucosa that remains unstained. Toluidine blue infiltrates into an esophageal lesion by 5~6 cell layers depth, and combines with living cells or degenerated tissue. Inflammatory lesions such as esophagitis have uniform distribution of pathologic changes moderately and evenly stained by toluidine blue. Cancer of the esopha gus has spots like small degenerated tissue, so that they are dyed moderately. However, under endoscopic magnification spot-like changes stained deep blue are scattered through the surface of the lesion.

 On the other hand, by using iodine staining method, we con stain normal esophageal mucosa in brown, while abnormal mucosa such as inflammatory change, atrophy, erosion, ulcer, intraepithelial cancer infiltration and atypical cells is seen as poorly stained or unstained area.

 For this reason, we have recently developed an endoscopic dyeing method to be called “ENDOSCOPIC TOLUIDINE BLUE-IODINE METHOD”. By this means we can utilize each property of two dyes simultaneously. There would be “NON-STAINED AREA” between the areas stained by the two independent dyes, which is observed as white bundle under endoscopic examination. In a cancer lesion, malignant tissue exposed to the surface is stained by toluidine blue, and so is superficial invasion. Since intraepithelial infiltration is not dyed either by toluidine blue or iodine, it forms a “NON-STAINED AREA” surrounded by iodine-stained normal mucosa. In erosive esophagitis, the surface of erosion is dyed by toluidine blue, while marginal or narrow area of the surrounding mucosa forms “NON-STAIND AREA” against the normal mucosa stained by iodine.

 “NON-STAINED AREA” expresses an influence of pathologic changes on the normal esophageal mucosa.

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