Human Leukocyte System A (HLA) and Hepatic Gallstone A. Yagita 1 , M. Ono 1 , S. Sohma 1 , Y. Hosoda 2 1The First Department of Surgery, School of Medicine, Kyorin University pp.413-417
Published Date 1984/4/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403107001
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 Fourteen patients with hepatic gallstone were typed in HLA-A,-B,-C, and -DR antigens. Phenotype frequencies were calculated and compared with those of a control group of 100 individuals.

 A higher frequency of A2 and CW3 was found among the hepatic gallstone patients but these were not significant. However, haplotype frequencies of HLA-A2 and -CW3 showed a positive association in comparison to normal control.

 It was recognized those haplotype frequencies were significantly higher on patients with dilatation of intrahepatic choledocus rather than stenosis.

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