Clinical Course of Crohn's Disease: Study on Changes of Lesions in Radiological Findings in Cases Followed-up for More Than Five Years N. Hiwatashi 1 , Y. Goto 1 , H. Watanabe 2 1The Third Department of Internal Medicine, Tohoku University, School of Medicine 2Division of Gastroenterology, National Sendai Hospital pp.251-264
Published Date 1984/3/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403106972
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 On ten patients with Crohn's disease followed-up for more than five years, authors studied chronological changes in x-ray and endoscopic findings and also in the current manner of life of the patients.

 Results obtained were as follows:

 1) In non-resected cases, while normal areas between skip lesions became involved, area of the lesions have not extended to proximal or distal site

 2) Longitudinal ulcers without cobblestone appearance in the small intestine have remained unchanged for a long period and have not developed to long stenosis.

 3) Both in small and large intestines, there were many cases in which cobblestone appearance developed into narrowing, stenosis and formation of fistulas.

 4) Multiple aphthoid ulcers and small ulcers disappeared in cases where medical management was effective. However, in case where it was not effective, relapse and remission of lesions repeated and cobblestone appearance developed.

 5) Anal lesions were seen in eight cases, and marked stenosis, urethral fistula and vaginal fistula were seen each in one case. Relapses of anal lesions have been repeated in all except one without recurrence after curative operation.

 6) As for the status of patients' manner of living today, three patients were almost normal, three with limitations, two with repetition of admission and two were comebacks to normal manner of life after undergoing colectomy recently for intestinal obstruction and stenosis.

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