Advanced Gastric Cancer in Which S-1 Combined with CDDP Therapy was Successful, Report of Two Cases Sadamoto Zenda 1 , Hiroyuki Ono 1 1Endoscopy and GI Oncology Division, Shizuoka Cancer Center Hospital Keyword: 進行胃癌 , 化学療法 , S-1+CDDP , 小細胞癌 , 内視鏡的評価 pp.1035-1041
Published Date 2005/6/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403100222
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We encountered two cases in which S-1 combined with CDDP therapy(S-1+CDDP)was successful. Case 1 : A 19-year-old woman was diagnosed with Type 4 advanced gastric cancer. She received successful S-1+CDDP therapy and she is still living. Case 2 : A 66-year-old man diagnosed with small cell gastric carcinoma and multiple liver metastases. He was treated successfully with S-1+CDDP therapy. Most metastatic lesions disappeared. We have succeeded in 2 cases, but we are aware that good response to this treatment does not necessarily ensure elongation of life, so we are waiting for the results of JCOG9912 to see if the life of the patients has been lengthened or not.

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