Changes of Primipara and Multipara Mother's Sleep-wake Behaviors from Late Pregnancy to Postpartum Weeks Harumi Shinkoda 1 , Kazuya Matsumoto 2 , Midori Mishima 3 1School of Sciences, Kyushu University 2Graduate School University of East Asia 3Shimane Nursing College Keyword: 初・経産婦 , 母親の睡眠・覚醒行動 , 妊娠末期から産後 , sleep logs , primipara and multipara , sleep-wake behavior , late pregnancy to postpartum weeks pp.1-11
Published Date 2001/8/15
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 It was the purpose of this study to investigate the changes of sleep-wake behaviors of primiparas and multiparas from late pregnancy to postpartum weeks respectively. The subjects 26 women that consist of 14 primiparas and 12 multiparas. They kept a sleep logs everyday from 7 th week before delivery to 15th week after delivery and 8 of them also kept another record about their babies. From 1st to 11th week after delivery, mother's nocturnal total sleep time decreased and wake after sleep onset (WASO) increased significantly, compared to those in late pregnancy. The sleep efficiency significantly decreased from 1st to 8th week after delivery. Especially the date from primiparas shows significantly increase in WASO and the mean duration per a awakening, and decrease in sleep efficiency from 2nd to 6th week after delivery.

 In conclusion, the irregularity of primiparas' nocturnal sleep is greater especially, compared to that of multiparas. The irregularity continues until about 11th week after delivery. However, after 12th week, with the development of their infants' sleep-wake rhythm and feeding rhythm, the sleep-wake behavior of mothers also seems to no interrupted.

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