Journal of Japan Academy of Nursing Science Volume 25, Issue 3 (September 2005)

Worth Living of Elderly:A Concept Analysis Chifumi Nomura 1 1Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering, University of Yamanashi Keyword: 高齢者 , 生きがい , 概念分析 , elderly , worth living , IKIGAI , concept analysis pp.61-66
Published Date 2005/9/15
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 The purpose is to clarify the concept 'worth living (IKIGAI) of the elderly' using the strategies for concept analysis proposed by Walker and Avant. Defining characteristics of the concept include meaning, value, and introspective and positive feelings for living. Antecedents are identified as resources and objects for worth living, and introspective power to seek after worth living, and consequences are identified as psychological stability and active life. Empirical references of the concept are resources/objects for worth living and worthy feeling. A model case and a related case based on a related concept 'successful aging' are also presented. This concept analysis showed that the elderly are able to regain worthy feeling, although they have a tendency to lose worthy feeling due to changes of physical function and social roles through aging process. Therefore, the concept 'worth living of the elderly' is useful for practices and researches in health science including nursing.

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