Japan Academy of Diabetes Education and Nursing Volume 2, Issue 2 (October 1998)

A Study of Independence of Diabetic Children in DM Self-Care Behaviors Hiroe Tani 1 1School of Medical Sciences, The University of Tokushima Keyword: 小児糖尿病 , 主体性 , 療養行動 , Diabetic children , Making judgments and dicisions , DM self-care behaviors pp.88-96
Published Date 1998/10/15
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 The purposes of this study were to investigate how the independence of diabetic children appears in making judgments and decisions for DM self-care behaviors, and to analyze its relationship to the appropriateness of DM self-care behaviors. The subjects were 20 diabetic children aged 10 to 15 who visited the pediatric diabetic clinic. During a semi-structured interview, each child was asked about 9 DM self-care behaviors such as insulin injection, SMBG, diet, exercise, snack, and the reasons why he chose these behaviors. And the relationships between the parents and child have been observed during their visit to clinic. The following results were obtained: 1) The number of independent DM self-care behaviors taken at the discretion of the child increased with age. DM self-care behaviors taken at the discretion of the child were often based on reasoning and assessment of meaning. 2) Exercise was more appropriately conducted than other behaviors when the child took this action independently. Other DM self-care behaviors were not always appropriate, even when they were conducted independently. Whether DM self-care behaviors were conducted appropriately or not was determined by whether there were appropriate criteria for making judgments. 3) When children with various types of independence were analyzed, we found that an independent stance is important for conducting appropriately DM self-care behaviors. 4) The child whose parents persuade him to discuss his health condition with his health professionals, conducted behaviors independently.

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