Effectiveness of notice with praise on severe aphasia and dementia Makoto Suzuki 1 , Mayumi Hatakeyama 1 , Mikayo Ohmori 2 , Ayako Furukawa 2 , Masuo Sasa 3 1Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, St.Marianna University, Yokohama City Seibu Hospital 2Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, St.Marianna University School of Medicine Hospital 3Department of Orthopedics, St.Marianna University, Yokohama City Seibu Hospital Keyword: 脳血管障害 , リハビリテーション , 失語 , 痴呆 , (応用行動分析学) , Cerebrovascular disease , Rehabilitation , Aphasia , Dementia , Applied behavior analysis pp.198-205
Published Date 2004/6/15
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 Using the single subject design, we investigated the function of notice with praise as a reinforcer in severe aphasia and dementia cases.

 Our results suggest that there was an increase in the frequency of action in response to the simultaneous presentation of notice with praise. The effectiveness persisted for a short time after the cessation of notice with praise. We concluded that notice with praise functioned as a reinforcer in two patients with severe aphasia and severe dementia.

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