Effects of the performance on unilateral neglect patients using various sizes of test paper Toshiko Futaki 1 , Hiroshi Shoji 2 , Fumiko Mouri 3 1Department of Occupational Therapy, School of Health Science Faculty of Medicine, Kanazawa University 2Department of Rehabilitation, Showa University Fujigaoka Rehabilitation Hospital 3Department of Rehabilitation, Fuchinobe General Hospital Keyword: 半側無視 , 線分二等分テスト , (課題サイズ) , (変動性) , Unilateral neglect , Line-bisection , Size of test paper , Variation pp.33-44
Published Date 2004/2/15
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 We examined 48 subjects including 26 left-hemiplegia patients using the line-bisection and Albert's cancellation tests, to clarify the characteristics of their unilateral neglect pattern.

 We investigated the effect of changing the size of test paper on their neglect disturbance and tried to categorize the patterns of a line-bisection test by their variation. Paper of two sizes was systematically presented for inspection, and the effect of the size was compared. There was no significant difference among the normal control, the right hemiplegia and left hemiplegia patients. However, some lefthemiplegia patients, whose performance on the first bi-section point located within a normal range, showed right or left deviation in other trials. In the cases of severe neglect, the effect of the paper size was bigger than for other cases. Our result would be useful in the evaluation of unilateral neglect not found by conventional tests.

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