The exercise program for taking on and off shoe socks post-total hip arthroplasty Kenichi Hanafusa 1 , Norikazu Nakagawa 2 1The Rehabilitation Department of Suita Municipal Hospital 2Kobe University, Graduate School of Medicine, Division of Health Science, Doctoral Course Keyword: (全人工股関節置換術) , 靴下着脱動作 , 関節可動域 , (訓練プログラム) , Total hip arthroplasty(THA) , Take on and off shoe socks , Joint angle , Exercise program pp.26-32
Published Date 2004/2/15
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 In order to make a post-operation program for taking on and off shoe socks before total hip arthroplasty, we summarized the results that we investigated. In our past investigation, we found that mean hip joint angles for taking on and off shoe socks were 83.5 degrees for flexion, 27.7 degrees for abduction, and 33.3 degrees for external rotation. A patient whose arm span is 4cm longer than his or her height could take on and off shoe shocks using lower angles than the mean hip joint angles we described above. Furthermore, the shorter a patient's arm span was, the bigger hip angles were asked for taking on and off shoe shocks, especially the angle of hip external rotation. We found that information on how a patient used to take on and off shoe sock before operation, hip joint angles, height, and length of his or her arm span make it possible to make a post-operation program.

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