COPM and AMPS in regaining confidence in the solitary life by enabling occupation: A case study Ryoko Kubo 1 1Onoura Hospital Keyword: COPM , AMPS , 作業 , Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) , Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS) , Occupation pp.639-644
Published Date 2016/12/15
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 A patient with right femoral neck fractures and mild dementia received occupational intervention using the COPM and AMPS. The needs of the client were identified by the COPM, and the state of occupational performance was observed by the AMPS. From there the cause was clarified, and the goals and intervention were thought through with the client. As a result, not only the client's immediate surroundings, but also cooking, shopping and related ADL, which have a role in the home were made safe, resulting in discharging the patient to her home. Performing interventions focused and based on occupation may lead to regaining the client's confidence and enabling occupation.

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