Keyword: 急性期リハビリテーション , 言語聴覚療法 , コミュニケーション障害 , 働きかけ , 摂食・嚥下障害 , acute phase rehabilitation , speech-language-hearing therapy , communication disorders , intervention , swallowing/feeding disorder pp.46-53
Published Date 2004/11/1

 The Committee of Acute Phase Rehabilitation, Research Division of the Japanese Association of Speech-Language-Hearing Therapists, took on the task of investigating the current condition and practice of speech-language-hearing rehabilitation during the acute phase in two surveys:the primary survey, conducted in January 2003, and the secondary survey, conducted between November 2003~February 2004. The secondary survey looked in detail at the types of intervention services provided by speech-language-hearing therapists. The results were as follows:1) Eighty percent of patients who had speech-language-hearing therapy during the acute phase were first seen within two weeks from the onset;2) Speech-language-hearing therapists worked not only with swallowing/feeding problems but also with a wide range of communication problems including higher brain function disorders, generalized intellectual deterioration, decreased consciousness, etc.;3) The types of intervention were classified as evaluation, therapy, explanation/advice, and securing communication channels. Different types of intervention were provided at the time of initiation and during the middle period of therapy. It was concluded that guidelines need to be drawn for acute phase speech-language-hearing rehabilitation.

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