Technique for transabdominal preperitoneal(TAPP) repair of inguinal hernia : management of hernia sac to avoid seroma formation Yuko SHIKATA 1 , Yorihiko OGATA 1 , Hisamitsu SHINOHARA 1 , Yo FUKUDA 1 , Daisuke WADA 1 1Department of Surgery, Takamatsu Municipal Hospital Keyword: 鼠径ヘルニア , TAPP , 漿液腫 pp.317-321
Published Date 2015/5/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.4426200140
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 Seroma formation is a frequent complication of inguinal hernia repair. This article describes our technique for transabdominal preperitoneal(TAPP) repair to reduce seroma formation. First, the peritoneum is incised and the preperitoneal spase is dissected. Next, the transected hernia sac or pseudosac is inverted and fixed to the Cooper's ligament or transversalis fascia. Inversion and fixation of hernia sac reduce the volume of preperitoneal dead space, thus preventing seroma formation. We used this technique on 35 patients(43 lesions), and only one lesion(2.3%) developed seroma. This technique is effective for preventing seroma, and it is easily performed without any associated complications.

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