Bladder hernia diagnosed by bladder injury during laparoscopic surgery Tadahiro ISONO 1 , Hidetoshi WADA 1 , Toshihiko Kobayashi 1 , Yukiko KONISHI 1 , Yuichiro MIYAKI 1 , Kei KOIZUMI 1 1First Department of Surgery, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine Keyword: 腹腔鏡下鼠径ヘルニア修復術 , 膀胱損傷 , 膀胱ヘルニア pp.553-556
Published Date 2009/10/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.4426100384
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 A 49-year-old man with voiding pain and a left inguinal soft tumor was diagnosed as having an inguinal hernia.The patient was referred to our hospital because of his wish to have the operation performed laparoscopically. Physical examination revealed soft left inguinal mass that appeared in standing position and disappeared in supine position. Transabdominal preperitoneal repair was performed and a small tear measuring approximately one cm was noted at the bladder wall during the operation. Laparoscopic one-layer repair of the bladder injury was performed, and the hernia was repaired laparoscopically with a mesh. Postoperative cystography showed successful repair of the bladder injury. Hematuria continued for three days. The patient has not complained of voiding pain after the operation.

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