KANGO-KENKYU Volume 35, Issue 3 (June 2002)

Middle-range Theory of Nurses' Professional Identity Misuzu F. Gregg 1 1Gifu College of Nursing Keyword: 理論構築 , 中範囲理論 , 職業的アイデンティティ , 帰納的方法 , theory construction , middle-range theory , professional identity , inductive method pp.196-204
Published Date 2002/6/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1681900671
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The purpose of this paper was to identify the neces-sity of a theory construction about nurses' professional identity and to describe a beginning substantive middle range theory. A conceptual map was made using 21 empirical-based articles in nursing, psychology, sociol-ogy, and education from 6 databases. The conceptual map indicated that there was not enough evidence on what kinds of factors influence the professional identity of nurses and how they establish professional identity.

Two inductive studies were used to develop a substan-tive middle-range theory of nurses' professional identity.

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35巻3号 (2002年6月)
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