Urodynamic study Mineo Takei 1 1HARASANSHIN Hospital Keyword: 下部尿路機能障害 , 膀胱内圧測定 , 内圧尿流検査 pp.763-770
Published Date 2010/7/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1542102337
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For examination of lower urinary tract dysfunction, cystometry is evaluation of the filling phase and pressure-flow study is of the voiding phase. Although these processes involve the necessity of catheterization into the urethra and rectum, we can get the necessary information for the treatment only from them. Cystometry, reveals bladder capacity, compliance and detrusor overactivity. Pressure-flow study can reveal the degree of bladder outlet obstruction and bladder contractility during voiding. Pressure-flow study is useful for selecting treatment strategy and predicting the outcome of treatment. The method of evaluation for females has not yet been standardized, but, recently, has been applied to determine female voiding dysfunction.

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