Cystometry Kenichi Imahayashi 1 1Department of Urology, Tohoku University School of Medicine pp.406-417
Published Date 1984/6/10
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1431905603
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 The substantial significance of cystometry (CM) in the study of physiology and pathophysiology of micturition and clinical urodynamics is described.

 I. Neurophysiology of micturition a) Normal micturition requires: 1) no incontinence, 2) enough amount of storage, 3) proper sensation, and 4) ability to hold the urine in some extent, during filling, and 1) no difficulty, 2) any time voiding, 3) complete evacuation, and 4) ability to stop the stream in some degree, during voiding. The lack of any one of these functions reveales urinary disturbance.

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