Neurological Surgery No Shinkei Geka Volume 4, Issue 12 (December 1976)

Ossified Chronic Hematorna:One Successful Operated Case Shunro ENDO 1 , So SATO 1 , Jiro SUZUKI 1 1Division of Neurosurgery, Institute of Brain Diseases, Tohoku University School of Medicine Keyword: Chronic subdural hematoma , Ossification pp.1193-1197
Published Date 1976/12/10
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A ease of ossified chronic subdural hematoma was reported.

This patient was 56-year-old man, who suffered from mild head traumas two times in 1966 and 1969, and was a drinker. He suddenly complained of speech disturbince on May 17, 1972, and general convulsion with unconsciousness beginning from the right upper limb on May 21. Slight right hemiapresis and mental disturbance appeared gradually since then, and he was admitted to our hospital on August 15. After some examinations, total removal of the ossified cystic chronic subdural hematoma was performed on August 25.

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Neurological Surgery 脳神経外科
4巻12号 (1976年12月)
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