Transformation and Multiplication of Neuroglia in Tissue Culture Junnosuke Nakai 1 1Dept. of Anatomy University of Tokyo Medical school pp.21-28
Published Date 1962/3/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1431901867
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Neuroglia cells in tissue culture of normal central nervous tissue show:(1) an enormous variety in cell types from fibrous and:or pro-toplasmic astrocytes to flat, unbranched cells, and fu rther to oligodend roglia cells. (2) Another noticeable events are the appearance of multi-nucleate astrocytes and their peculiar cyto-plasmic divisions.

The evidence in both cases could be establ-ished only by following a particular cell and observing its whole process of transformation, multinucleation and cell division.

The present study is concerned with obser-vations revealed by phase contrast time-lapse cinematography of neuroglia after periods of a week to more than a year in culture.

Results : (1) Fibrous and protoplasmic astro-cytes arc transitional. The reversible transform-ation of flat, unbranched cells to protoplasmic and further to fibrous astrocytes has been recorded. Oligodendroglia transformed intosmaller flat, unbranched cells and vice versa. There are no clear boundaries between the latter flat cells and the former except for their difference in size. (2) Multinucleation in astro-cytes resulted from various atypical mitoses which are essentially of two types : a ) Mul-tipolar mitotic nuclear division was followed by cytoplasmic cleavages less in number. b) Daughter cells after an incomplete cell division fused into a giant cell or cells with two or more nuclei. Cine records revealed that small splits between nuclei appeared in the cytoplasm of a multinucleate astrocyte. The splits gradu-ally became prominent and the cell split into three or four mononucleate daughter cells. Sometimes a small cell surrounded by a circum-script space in a larger cell escaped from the latter which was similar to Collin's "end-ocytogenésè".

Factors determining these phenomena were discussed briefly.

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