Stress-and glucocorticoid-induced hippocampal damages in nonhuman primates. Hideo UNO 1 1Regional Primate Research Center, University of Wisconsin Keyword: 海馬 , 霊長類 , ストレス , グルココルチコイド pp.666-677
Published Date 1998/8/10
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1431900880
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The hippocampal neurons contain a high concentration of both mineral corticoid receptor (type I) and glucocorticoid receptors (type II). Although normal level of cortisol binds to type I , cortisol over stress level and exogenous synthetic glucocorticoids are largely bind to the type II receptor. Increased type II reception appears to cause either functional or structural impairment of hippocampal pyramidal neurons.

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